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About The Halo Story

The Halo universe is vast, with media that span well over 100,000 years of history, from the time of the Forerunners through humanity's expansion throughout the stars, to their conflict with the Covenant and beyond. Although the story of John-117 and the end of the Human-Covenant War as told in the games is by far the most well-known part of the Halo lore, it is only a sliver of the universe. With over two dozen novels, half a dozen comics, several films and feature-length animations, and of course a dozen video games, the entire Halo story is seemingly endless and impossibly complex. This section strives to make sense of that world for fans both new and veteran, providing a curated look into the Halo universe like nowhere else can. Use the links above and below to find what interests you and enjoy exploring Halo.

event Time Periods   SEE MORE ▶

Halo lore can be divided into a handful of different eras over the last several hundred thousand years.

event Timeline   EXPLORE ▶

The history of the Halo universe from 15 million years ago through the 26th century.

faction Factions   LEARN MORE ▶

The organizations comprising humanity and aliens alike, from the Earth-based UNSC to the Covenant formed around High Charity.

Blogs Species   LEARN MORE ▶

The races that populate the galaxy in the Halo universe, including the Precursors, Forerunners, Humanity, and the entire Covenant.

characters Characters   LEARN MORE ▶

The individuals that give Halo its character, sacrificing whatever they must in order to defend what they think is right.

ship Warships   LEARN MORE ▶

Explore the ships of war built throughout the ages.

worlds Worlds   EXPLORE ▶

The natural and artifical bodies most important to the Halo story.

game Games   LEARN MORE ▶

The heart of Halo lore and the most well-known of all the Halo media.

book Books   READ MORE ▶

The novels, anthologies, and short stories comprising the bulk of the extended Halo lore.

comic Comics   READ MORE ▶

A further dive into the universe through the medium of the graphic novel.

Eld TV / Film   SEE MORE ▶

Live-action and animated series set in the Halo universe.

audio Audio Dramas   LISTEN IN ▶

Halo told through the medium of audio drama.