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Halo lore, the latest news, Halo Book Club, and Mission Debrief

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About About the Show

Podcast Evolved is the premier Halo lore podcast. Weekly episodes feature the latest Halo news, events, and a look into the Halo canon. Special episodes include Halo Book Club, a deep dive into the Halo novels and comics, Mission Debrief, a lore-chronological walk-through of every mainline Halo mission, and Spoilercast, a spoiler-heavy discussion of the latest Halo game, television, or film release.

MD Mission Debrief

Walkthroughs of each Halo campaign mission, published in the Evolved feed as well as its own podcast.

Book Halo Book Club

Once a month the Podcast Evolved team discusses one of the many Halo novels or comics.

Special Guests Guest Interviews

Occasionally we are honored to interview a special guest on the show.

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