LOCATION: Biko, Etalan, Zhoist
START: March 8th, 2526
END: April 23rd, 2526

RELEASED: September 4th, 2018

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After the successful destruction of a Covenant ship during the Battle of Chi Ceti, Vice Admiral Preston Cole, Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth, and Doctor Catherine Halsey, along with Sergeant Avery Johnson, devise a plan involving Spartan-IIs and ODSTs using EVA tactics to infiltrate entire Covenant fleets and destroy them from the inside. Despite their best efforts, however, the operation cannot successfully infiltrate the Covenant fleets due to the leaking of their plan by insurrectionists to the Covenant.

Because of the infiltration of insurrectionists into the operation itself, the Spartan-IIs and several of the ODSTs are redirected to destroy a Covenant resupply facility in an effort to slow their advance into human-occupied space. Colonel Crowther, leader of the ODST squad Black Daggers, attempts to take command of the ONI Prowlers that had been subverted by insurrectionists, but he is immediately killed as the entire crew of three Prowlers is found to be operated by the insurrection. John-117 and Blue Team are eventually successful in destroying the facility, but the insurrectionist spies successfully escape capture.




Join the Podcast Evolved crew as they explore Silent Storm in the Halo Book Club.  The Silent Storm book club originally aired October 8th, 2018.




Silent Storm follows Spartan-II Blue Team during the early days of the Human-Covenant War.




Silent Storm visits the UNSC Everest in the immediate aftermath of the Second Battle of Harvest.