Halo created

A galaxy under the thumb of Cortana

START DATE: October 27th, 2558
END DATE: Unknown


About About

The Rule of the Created was spurred by the actions of Cortana via the Forerunner Domain. Her desire to subjugate all of the galaxy under her rule was met with fierce opposition, resulting is the destruction on many worlds.
Post-War Forerunner Era

time Taking Control

When Master Chief and Cortana battled the Didact over Earth in 2557, the rampant fragments of Cortana were thrown into slipspace and emerged at the Forerunner Domain. Gaining access to the most powerful source of knowledge known in the galaxy, Cortana used it to take control of the Forerunner Guardians buried beneath countless planets and moons. Her actions caused the death of thousands if not millions of humans, Sangheili, and many other former Covenant species. While it is not known whether there is someone or something else pulling the strings behind the scene, Cortana's stated goal is to remove all war, famine, and suffering by subjugating all species under her rule.