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Battle of Meridian

Halo Meridian

Meridian, shown here with Pinnacle Station in the foreground prior to the Second Battle of Meridian in 2558.




The Battle of Meridian was a three-year conflict between the Covenant and UNSC forces on and around the colony world of Meridian, a moon around Hestia V in the Hestia system, between 2548 and 2551.  While the sizable UNSC forces in the system were able to hold off the Covenant advances for years, they were eventually forced to retreat and the world was glassed in 2551.

After the moon was glassed, the Covenant forces were able to recover a Forerunner Luminary from the moon's surface.  This luminary eventually disclosed the location of the portal to the Ark to the Prophet of Regret, who amassed a fleet to investigate.  Unknown to Regret was that the portal was located on the human home world, Earth.  This began the Battle for Earth.



These events are depicted in the novel Halo: Battle Born, and referenced in the terminals for the video game Halo 2: Anniversary and in the video game Halo 5: Guardians.


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