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~97,000 BCE

Maethrillian during Mendicant Bias’ attack on the Forerunner capital, known as the Fate of Maethrillian, c. 97,455 BCE.




Over one-hundred years after the Great Purification, the few Forerunners remaining on the Lesser Ark became aware that the firing of the Halo Array may have had a detrimental effect on the Domain, and proceeded to the former Forerunner capital of Maethrillian to attempt to restore it. While there, the Forerunners, including the IsoDidact, confronted Abaddon, an ancient Precursor construct with close connections to the domain that the world was built around. Abaddon attempted to stop the Forerunners from reactivating the Domain and judge them for their species’ sins, but Growth-Through-Trial-of-Change successfully inserted the deadbolt key, beginning the restoration process and consuming Trial in the process.




These events are depicted in the short story Promises to Keep in the anthology Halo: Fractures.


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