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Yanme'e Join the Covenant

Halo Drone

A Yanme’e drone on Reach during the Fall of Reach, c. August 2552.




The Yanme’e were discovered by the Covenant during their search for Forerunner artifacts in 1112, sparking a short but violent conflict that eventually ended in the incorporation of the Yanme’e into the Covenant. Though the Covenant were vastly superior technologically, they initially took heavy casualties due to the sheer number of Yanme’e on their home planet of Palamok and the unwillingness to glass the planet due to the existence of vast Forerunner artifacts. The San’Shyuum eventually discovered a method of communicating with the Yanme’e however, and succeeded in adding them to the ranks of the Covenant. Due to their innate skill at repairing machinery, they were primarily put to use as mechanics on Covenant vessels, though they were also used as soldiers when needed.




These events are referenced in the reference book the Halo Encyclopedia.


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