Cairo Station

TYPE: Moncton-class orbital weapon platform
COMMISSIONED: September 14, 2552

DIMENSIONS: 0.54 x 1.34 kilometers
ARMAMENT: Super MAC / 7 point defense guns
COMPLIMENT: 288 personnel and marines


About About

Cairo Station, along with its three-hundred other orbital defense platforms, served as the first line of defense protecting Earth from Covenant attack during and after the Human-Covenant War. Their Super-MAC guns were powerful enough to fire a MAC slug up to 4% the speed of light, imparting enough energy to destroy most Covenant shields and vessels in a single shot.
Infinity Pillar of Autumn

time Service Record

Entering service only weeks before the start of the Battle for Earth, Cairo Station employed the largest magnetic accelerator cannon built to date to hold off Covenant attack along with the 300 other defense platforms around Earth. Though stations such as the Malta and Athens were destroyed by Covenant bombs placed within the facility, Cairo Station survived thanks to the efforts of John-117 and Cortana to give the Covenant back their bomb. Cairo Station is not known to have seen action since the Battle for Earth, but as of 2557 was still operational. 

book Featured Novels

Serving as the command station for Admiral Terrence Hood, Cairo Station was the scene of Hood ordering Spartan-II Blue Team to the planet Onyx during the events of Ghosts of Onyx.

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The opening scenes of Halo 2 are the first time Cairo Station appears in Halo lore, serving as jumping off point for the player and Master Chief during the initial fighting of the Battle for Earth.

book Reference Books

Cairo Station is pictured in great detail in Halo: Warfleet, portaying the station layout and highlighting the station's offensive and defensive weaponry.