Halo: Saint's Testimony

Welcome to another Issue of Halo Podcast Evolved's Book Club!!!


This month, the team cover Saint's Testimony by Frank O'Connor. David hosts and is joined by his faithful companion Aaron while Krysta braves a Hurricane for us??? (thats the sound in the background!!). And also stopping by, Chris Aiken from our Facebook group community. Fun fact: the intro is a piece of unreleased music for Halo 4 I found called Librarian - seemed fitting for Book Clubs! Enjoy!

Spoiler Warning!! We strongly recommend having read Saints Testimony before listening! Join us by participating in discussions and game nights with our community on our Facebook Group!!

Evolved Crew Gamertags

  • David - CanineCerberus

  • Aaron - PerpetualBigAC

  • Krysta - KonanXD

Community Guest

  • Chris - CIA391 

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